BULK SMS SERVICES (Unlimited SMS Broadcasting)


Partner with Zimbabwe’s leading messaging platform with years of industry experience and be able to manage your SMS communications from your computer desktop at very low costs!


By installing one of our SMS Gateways and connecting it to the LAN, companies can use their local IP network to send text messages to multiple recipients by connecting directly to the cellular networks,  ensuring that information is delivered in a timely fashion, increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing operating costs and keeping all sensitive business data secure with no need to pass it to 3rd party service providers.




  • Personalized Messaging – be able to set your own senderID


  • Fast and Friendly – Quick messages to large groups and individuals of more than 2000 contacts


  •  Send and receive SMS


  •  SMS to email & Email to SMS


  • Fully Customizable – we are able to select the best SMS route for your requirement on operator level.


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