Google Adwords Certification

Google Adwords Certification


What is Google Adwords Certification.

Google adwrds certified - Cyberplex Africa


Google Adwords Certification is completely free. One can get the Google Adwords certification as an individual and not need to be part of an agency or a company.

Inside the Google Adwords course, you take two exams to get the Google Adwords certification. The Adwords Fundamental exam includes all the basic questions that is introductory questions and once completed for the second exam one can either write an exam on Search advertising, Display advertising, Video advertising, Shopping advertising or Mobile advertising.

To get started visit then be presented with options to take the Adwords exam or the analytics exam, then take at least two exams including the Adwords Fundamentals exam then be presented with the Google Adwords Certification certificate with your name on it.

It is recommended to take advantage of the open book policy that gives 200 sample questions that help accelerate your learning and also get the best results and the Google Adwords Certification.



We want to congratulate our SEO Expert Miriam Takawira on her recent Google AdWords certification. Not only is this a huge accomplishment for Miriam, it is also a huge benefit for our company and for you, our client.


Why use Google Adwords

Google is the most powerful advertising platform in the world.  Most of our clients ask us why Google Adwords when they are looking to promote their business and brand online and will not be really sure which methods to use, whether Search Engine Optimization or Paid Advertising. Our answer is always mostly the same which is a combination of all three unless their business is targeting a broad audience then Social Media Advertising (Facebook) is the way to go.


Google Adwords is a process that allows one to test their sales message and accelerate traffic to website or call centres. The success with marketing is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Therefore with keywords, one can set up for qualifiers based on time, type of advert and geography that is if target is around 20 miles radius of within Zimbabwe or throughout the world, the scope can be limited and avoid wasting resources.


Note; Read more on Google Adwords and how it works


Here at Cyberplex Africa we have a team that specialises in Paid Search Advertising under our Digital Marketing services. In our team we have are specialists in the following;

  • Specialists in Google Adwords Search & Display Marketing.
  • They are Google Adwords certified
  • Goal oriented campaigns, i.e Sales Return on Investment (ROI), lead generation, website traffic, sign ups etc
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Why you need Google Adwords for your business.

  1. Get quality increased leads and customers for your business.
  2. With Google adwords, the business can test as many Ads as they wish.
  3. Increased traffic to the website.
  4. Google Adwords gives fast and transparent results and gives analytics to show the Ads that will be having higher conversion rates.
  5. For a flexible marketing platform.
  6. Get more calls and form submissions.
  7. Get a high return on investment.
  8. For the business to get a better understanding of their market.
  9. To be found on the first page of Google when someone searches for any of your business’ goods or services.
  10. Reach customers from all over the world.
  11. Raise awareness of the business’ products or services.
  12. The investment on Google Adwords is much smaller and more efficient than traditional advertising.


So congratulations to Miriam Takawira for her certification and congratulations to you for choosing Miriam Takawira and Cyberplex Africa to work on your Google AdWords campaign!




Step by step ways to protect your WordPress website from Hackers.

  1. Upload and Install the wordfence security plugin
  2. Scan your website to see which comments and files that are secure and those that are not secure and also phishing URLs.
  3. Put a working email address on the installed plugin to receive alerts from your website.
  4. Configure firewall rules nd immediately block fake Google crawlers and treat Google like any other crawler.
  5. Enforce strong passwords and also force your website administrators and publishers to use strong (recommended) passwords.



Nowadays all websites face threats from Hackers. These hackers use robots to troll the Internet. They begin by using login interfaces and figuring out their login information before trying more advanced hacking methods.


One can Safeguard their website from Cyber criminals by,

  1.   Staying updated with the latest Cyber crime information.
  2.   Updating CMS version and plugins regularly.
  3.   Instore system with a Web application firewall to shield your website from malicious files from the Internet.
  4.   Change login details from time to time. Use a mix of letters and other characters when creating passwords and usernames.
  5.   Hide administrator pages to avoid search engine indexing.
  6.   Use SSL protocol to secure data on transit especially when postal and user details are involved.
  7.   Regularly back up your data.
  8.   Limit file uploads as the process is never absolutely safe from bugs.


We advise you leave the technical stuff to us and we have plenty of experience to take complete responsibility of your online presence with a guaranteed safeguard of your website with our website management team. Contact us today for more information

If you require any Website Revamp or your website safeguarded from  hackers, please feel free to send an email to and we will contact you to discuss further.

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