Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social Media Marketing in Zimbabwe

Social Media Marketing - Cyberplex Africa

Social Media Marketing – Cyberplex Africa

Social media marketing has taken the world by storm and Zimbabwe is not excluded. There have been numerous debates flown around that surround the issue of social media marketing for businesses. Some businesses argue that social media is a waste of resources, which only increases your followers but does little for your business.

On the other hand, they are businesses who have made huge milestones through social media, whether its from a sales perspective, leads generation, sign ups, engagement or brand loyalty. Such examples include big brands such as Coca Cola, Dove, Airbnb, Oracle and even some personal brands. So what’s the answer here? Well according to Henry Ford, whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right! The reality is, brands that have taken time to invest in their social media presence are definitely excelling at it. If you put half baked work, you get half baked results.

The reality therefore is, social media can certainly boost your brand if you do it right. Zimbabwe has an estimate of 850,000 Zimbabweans using Facebook, 337 000 using LinkedIn and 90,000 using Twitter, so if done right, social media can give your business a boost.

10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your business

  1. Increase traffic and search ranking on Google.
  2. Share content with the target audience faster.
  3. Bringing attention to the business and it’s services.
  4. Build relations and develop a loyal community.
  5. Establish brand awareness and engagement.
  6. Identify your competitors.
  7. Conducting marketing research.
  8. Interacting with target audience.
  9. Higher quality customer service.
  10. Building personal reputation.

Boost Website traffic with Social Media

Social Media has completely changed the internet and the world of marketing as a whole. Building an active online community with social media for long term success is highly advised. An important aspect of social media is that it can help you boost your website traffic. If you are wondering why boosting your website traffic is so important, well just remember that your website is the hub of information for your business. Most conversions happen on your website so the more traffic you have, the higher the likelihood of getting more conversions if your website is set right. Through providing useful and engaging posts to your audience, you can boost your website traffic by having full articles published on your website and directing your followers to your website to read more. In addition, when your fans share posts, it prompts their network to also want to learn more about your business. So the bottom line is keep your content engaging and gain brand credibility from your followers – eventually you will see organic growth of traffic to not only your social media page but to your website page as well.

Are you ready to level up your Social Media Marketing campaigns in 2018?

Social Media Marketing is affordable for any business but managing social media, taking care of content, tweets and feedback can get pretty time consuming. In today’s world, there is a growing number of digital specialists, whether its SEO, paid search or social media, but a few of them understand the dynamics of converting these digital efforts to meaningful conversions such as lead generation, sales, sign ups, traffic generation or even engagement.That is why it is important to hunt for digital marketers who can produce results that matter to the business.

If you have been struggling to find the right digital agency that can assist you with your digital marketing efforts, Cyberplex Africa has the right skills for you. In addition to all digital services we currently offer, we can help you come up with the following for your Social Media:

  • Setting up your facebook, twitter, linkedin and google plus accounts
  • Developing a social strategy for your brand
  • Managing and maintenance of your social media pages
  • Increase your brand presence and engagement through social media.

Leave the social stuff to us and we have plenty of experience to take complete responsibility of your social presence. Contact us today for more information

Important steps to consider for Social Media Marketing

If you are planning to do your own social media marketing, here are some 10 important steps to consider. Quite a lot hey considering your business already has other demands? Well Cyberplex is still available to offer you dedicated professional social media services and help you increase engagement:

  1. Increase digital exposure – Interacting in social media networks which leads to brand awareness is of great importance because social media has a world wide access.
  2. Learn the crucial Digital marketing skills you need – these skills have to be studied also in order to be successful in this practice.  To know more visit click here
  3. Learning to connect the dots – this will help to create the right marketing mix that will produce the results of business needs is a way to grow and make 2018 the best year.
  4. Use the same Username on all platforms – facebook, instagram, twitter, Google+…etc use the same username to make it easy for people to find you on social accounts.
  5. Brand your images and videos – do this without sending links but draw traffic to your website by only branding your pictures.
  6. Post Daily – use a scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite and post at once to all your social media accounts
  7. Be Innovate – make your profiles look professional, inviting and showcase credibility indicators.
  8. Use easy share buttons for wordpress – this plugin applies of course if you have a wordpress website. It is highly recommended because you can get many more options like the ability to get people to follow you after sharing your stuff and also great social share buttons Contact us for a WordPress Website.
  9. Study analytics to find popularity trends –  track for indicators of which posts that are working and those that are not with Social Media analytics tools and avoid posts that will not be getting engagement and be able to work efficiently.
  10. Link to Website – link all major social media accounts from all profiles to your website and gain more traffic, more subscribers to your mailing list and get more customers on your website.

Become valuable and irreplaceable with Social Media Marketing and you can grow and make 2018 your best year.

If you require any social media marketing services, please feel free to send an email to and we will contact you to discuss further

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